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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Emptiness and loneliness - two words that leave one in a bland madness of angst and trepidation. But life and circumstances can force one to find strength in loneliness, fulfillment in emptiness. If one tries hard enough one can discover independence lies in loneliness and fearlessness in emptiness.

After all, what fear of loss can cultivate when one's hands are empty? Who can one fear to lose in engulfing solitude? Yes, the key to contentment are loneliness and emptiness. That sliver of pure nothingness. That bizarre detour of freedom. Those evanescent moments where one can hear the staccato bursts of silence.

There is ownership in loneliness - not possession. No, the two words are not synonymous. Possession is a feeling - it stems from a plethora of emotions. Ownership is a fact. It is an affirmation. It simply is. Loneliness fears no exposure. There is no negotiation. It obeys.

Loneliness and emptiness are not as negative as we make them out to be. Really. Only the meditator who has found peace within himself, who has made reconciliation with body and soul has the luxury to enjoy solitude; to dialogue with the silence, to embrace loneliness as his friend, to claim emptiness as part of his being.